Don't let them sell your data!

American ISPs can now sell your data. Don't let them! Lock up your data before it reaches the internet with a DataLockIt & Nord VPN.

On April 3rd, 2017, the President signed an executive order

Repealing a ban on ISPs (Internet Service Providers) reselling ALL your data. On April 3rd, the President sold your internet privacy down the river.

American ISPs can now sell ALL your data! We’re not just talking browser history here. Who do you think is buying this data? But you have the power to stop them. By encrypting all your data before it even reaches the net, the data is useless to eavesdroppers in the middle. By passing it through NordVPN’s award-winning worldwide network of over 1000 VPN servers, your data remains secure as it travels onto the internet.

Unfortunately, it is now time for all Americans to start using a VPN. You’re wouldn’t want your neighbor being able to BUY their way into your inbox would you? If you value your privacy at all, you need to lock up your data now.

Don’t let them sell your data. Lock it up with DataLockIt & Nord VPN!

Trump signs executive order

Lock it up.
With DataLockIt VPN.

The picture to the left is not really the president signing that executive order. There were no photographs taken for THAT signing, but sign it, he did.